Something More Than Blood


Returning home from the funeral of his last, oldest friend, character actor Johannes Fassbinder falls asleep and is awakened by someone he saw at the funeral-- a young woman who handcuffs him, points a gun filled with silver bullets at him, and asks him if he is guilty of murdering her great-grandfather, and if so, why he did it. His answer involves telling her his life story... which involves garlic, secrets, mist, Berlin, Yiddish, old-time radio shows, Broadway, revenge, and a lot of Hollywood B-movies... And blood. A lot of blood. But blood, by itself, is never enough...


"Something More Than Blood" is a well-crafted, fast-paced story of a fresh-faced young German farm boy who volunteers to serve his country in the Great War, and get a lot more - and worse - than he bargained for. In the process of going from naive young "soldat" Johannes Fassbinder to becoming an undead B movie actor - stage name Lykan Fuller - we follow a man who wanders through some wild and weird places - Weimar Germany, Depression Era USA, Hollywood - and copes with his unsought fate while surrounded by people who often seem less human than he is.

"The writing is tight, the dialogue crisp, the settings pitch-perfect, and the plot compelling. Park Cooper and Barbara Lien-Cooper have written a vampire tale with lot of chills, but also sad insights, and a few chuckles of recognition along the way. I enjoyed it, and you will, too. It's a welcome addition to the horror bookshelf."

- Lou Antonelli, Hugo Award multiple-nominee, 2015




Barb Lien-Cooper and Park Cooper have written a rather wonderful book called SOMETHING MORE THAN BLOOD. If you're a horror fan, a vampire fan, or just a fan of good writing, this is a book you must read. With touches of Anne Rice, a dash of Stephen King and an occasional humorous touch, it's one of the most enjoyable reads I've had all year, a sprawling epic that takes in classic Hollywood lore, Broadway shows, and vampiric carnage...


--Bruce Hallenbeck, author, Monsters of New York: Mysterious Creatures in the Empire State, The Hammer Vampire: British Cult Cinema (with Jimmy Sangster) and Hammer Fantasy & Sci Fi: British Cult Cinema (with Martine Beswick)

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