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Something More Than Blood

ISBN 978-1627553728

Returning home from the funeral of his last, oldest friend, character actor Johannes Fassbinder falls asleep and is awakened by someone he saw at the funeral-- a young woman who handcuffs him, points a gun filled with silver bullets at him, and asks him if he is guilty of murdering her great-grandfather, and if so, why he did it. His answer involves telling her his life story... which involves garlic, secrets, mist, Berlin, Yiddish, old-time radio shows, Broadway, revenge, and a lot of Hollywood B-movies... And blood. A lot of blood. But blood, by itself, is never enough...


ISBN: 978-0-9887182-2-7

Swipe is the story of Ray, a hacker who finds a one-in-a-million self-aware robot, Karina, and, well, there’s immediately some trouble between a cyborg pimp and an old friend of Karina’s, and things escalate quickly... before Ray and Karina quite know it, the whole city is one of several launch points for a nanotech invasion that turns people into zombies... corrupts machines’ programming… and eventually starts fusing the two together in very unnatural ways… all because the best show on the web has jumped the shark. It’s cyber-zombie invasion madness, all in one graphic novel: SWIPE, from Angry Viking Press.


"I won’t lie: I was expecting to hate this cyberpunk comedy, and I clicked on the preview to make sure I’d hate it. Sexy robots, chicks fighting in corsets, long black leather coats, idiot heroine/intelligent hero, Valley Girl pastiche-speak, casual danger dialogue, characters who can’t stop talking, cyborgs, zombies, cyborg zombies — I have a deep, entrenched hatred of all of these tropes. And yet! And yet! I swear I do not have a gun to my head as I type these words, and stay with me — SWIPE does every one of these things exceptionally well, some of which I honest-to-god thought that nobody could do well ever again. 


Ray (black leather coat hacker) and Karina (corset murderbot) are both absurdly charming characters. And moreover, they’re charming because they’re played totally straight. Karina . . . makes total sense both on and below the surface. She has a limited concept of cause and effect; she’s delighted by 90% of what she sees and mildly grossed out by the rest; she calmly narrates all her own experiences, even violent and terrifying ones; she loves Ray and she loves escrima. The archetype is Idiot Heroine, but it’s not really that. She just has a bizarre, sped-up machine consciousness that’s full of weird, infectious joy, and her joy sets the tone for the whole comic."


--Rachel Fellman, The Geek Girl Project.com

Hungry Ghosts

The great recorder of Japanese folktales, Lafcadio Hearn, wrote, in his work Kwaidan, written over 110 years ago in 1904, about the folktale of "Rokurokubi," in which the former samurai, Isogai Heidazaemon Taketsura, having lost his feudal lord during the war, said heck with it and just became a priest instead.


But Taketsura's days of fighting and danger were far from over, as he stumbled into the world of the supernatural...


Hungry Ghosts is a new, three-chapter digital comic from Wicker Man Studios, illustrated by Jeremy L Dumouchel.


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