Barbara and I started our creative studio, Wicker Man Studios, when we were first starting out writing comics and graphic novels. We had our own creator-owned graphic novel, Half Dead, co-published by Marvel Comics and Dabel Brothers Productions. With artist Ryan Howe, Barb also created Gun Street Girl, an LGBT supernatural action-adventure comic, which started out digital, found a print publisher, and then we took it back so it's just digital (for now). 

Park has a Ph.D. in literature from Kent State, and his graphic novel, Swipe, came out recently from indie comics publisher Angry Viking Press. He's working with Angry Viking and other artists on making more Swipe stories.


The first chapter of our samurai comic, Hungry Ghosts, just came out as a digital comic from Lucha Comics.


However, we got very tired of having to wait for artists to draw our stories, so a few years ago, we switched to writing prose fiction, too. There’re various things we could say about short stories we’ve gotten published, but more importantly, a prose vampire novel of ours, Something More Than Blood, is in digital and print versions from independent publisher Black Curtain Press.

We have also done work adapting dozens of manga volumes for publishers such as Viz, Del Rey, and Tokyopop.



We love good stories.


Like you, we understand the joy of reading a well-crafted story-- but we also know the "ripped-off" feeling you get when you've spent money on a story that's cliched or otherwise doesn't meet your discriminating tastes in storytelling.


We know how offensive it is to read something that insults your intelligence, too. We believe that readers are smart-- and deserving of works that treat you as an intelligent person.  


We write stories like we want to read: stories that are exciting and smart and character-driven.  


We're like you-- we hate characters who are dumber than we are, doing things that anyone in the real world would know are stupid. We hate stories where you know from page one how it'll end.  


We'll try to never give you plots that make you groan when you read the plot summaries.  


We're crafting the kind of books that stay with you after you finish reading them.


We're crafting the kind of books that you'll want to read again when you're done.


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